Sunday, August 5, 2007

FingerTouch software keyboard for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

For Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices, the data input is often a real problem for the user. To try to write a big e-mail on tiny keyboards is not a very pleasant experience.

Teksoft has created an innovative solution to bypass some of these problems. FingerTouch allows users to use fingers while typing, while keeping the screen and the text still visible.

The compromise between big buttons and small screen space has been carefully analysed, and the result was the implementation of smart algorithms that are based on letter order statistics, or on technologies like "UltraKeyboard" that offer improved typing speed.


 5 different Keyboards to chose from

 Ultra Keyboard technology Built-in

 Finger friendly, big buttons

 Smart keyboard based on English letter order statistics

 Smartphone-like keyboard support

 Bonus: Screen Capture utility included!

 QWERTY standard keyboard with big button

 Highly configurable with Skins support