Friday, March 14, 2008

Nintendo's pleased with its February sales

March 14, 2008 - Nintendo has revealed sales data for the month of February, as collected by the independent NPD Group. Nintendo sold approximately 587 600 DS units during this month, as well as 432 000 Wii consoles, with these sales making up 47.6 percent of the monthly hardware sales at a combined total of over 1 million units.

Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo's executive vice-president of Sales and Marketing, commented "Our momentum has not let up since the holidays and we expect it to continue throughout the year [...] We have the industry's strongest lineup of games for everyone from core to casual gamers."

More than 3.6 million DS games were sold in February, topping the software sales charts. Wii games were somewhat less in total, selling 2.9 million units. 4 out of every 10 games sold were for Nintendo platforms, according to Nintendo's press release. 3 of the top 5 games were for Nintendo systems, two of which were released by third parties.

Over 1.7 million accessories were sold for Wii, and 1.2 million for DS. The total of accessories sold for the Wii was more than that of any other system in February.

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