Sunday, March 16, 2008

Northtec announces its competitor to Asus EeePC

If the UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) hasn’t reached its breaking point yet, it soon will.  The market has seen company after company announce competitors to the Asus EeePC after it became one of the best selling models on the market.

So far a worthy competitor looks to be the ECS G10IL and what it lacks in a cool name more than makes up for by it’s MacBook-like design; let’s not forget the CloudBook either.

As Asus is preparing to release its EeePC 900 which features a 9-inch display with a higher resolution; Northtec is just getting started.

While the EeePC 900 and G10IL are reported to have relatively powerful mobile processors the Northtec promises a rather weak (but cheap) offering.

DesktopLinux reports that the Northtec Gecko laptop will features a VIA C7M processor at 1GHz (note that the 800MHz Intel A110 processor rates as faster) and runs Linpus Linux Lite.

That version of Linux will run on processors as slow as 366MHz (remember when that was considered fast) with as little as 128MB of memory and 512MB hard drive space.  It also supports resolutions as low as 640 x 480.

Linpus is based on Xorg and makes use of some Gnome elements with Northtec’s president calling it “similar to gOS.”  If I were him, that’s not a fact I would so readily advertise.  However, he said it can be replaced with other Linux versions or even Windows if Gecko customers choose to do so.

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