Monday, March 17, 2008

PS3: in-game XMB would be donwfall of humanity or Sony’s delaying on purpose

There’s a reason why Sony won’t release a PS3 firmware update to add in-game XMB to the PS3: the addition would mean the end of humanity, or maybe the company’s just waiting until it’s perfect.

In a recent post, we expressed our indifference towards the lack of in-game XMB in the latest PS3 firmware update, v2.17. We can’t see why we’d need in-game XMB so much that we’d be outraged by the lack of it, but many PS3 fans seem to want it… bad.  Just check some of the responses to our v2.17 post.

Ron: "Why is in-game XMB so important? Are you retarded?"

They’re not all logical, but some actually felt the need to support their arguments.

vjkhv: "we need it 4 sending messeges u noob hoe"

Others, however, really supported their point.

doober: "The in game xmb would allow us to chat, see who’s in what, (instead of just that ‘message’ that your pal is online) and let you connect with your friends without saving up, closing a game, looking on the bar, sending a chat mail and hopeing they read it before you die of waiting. it could all be done as you play! That’s great!"

It’s exactly these arguments that forecast the end of all that is face-to-face. Think about it: these players want to be in their game to such a high degree and they’re so used to multitasking, that concentrating on simply communicating with another human being isn’t enough — scary. Maybe Sony just wants to gaming to be gaming, and social interaction to be social interaction. Is that such a crazy idea?

No, some fans are like us and don’t care.

OMEN: "XMB is no big deal, i’d rather have them fix the issues on the games than XMB crap."

Many of us just want to play great games off or online with better network stability!

jaime: "Give all system resources (cell and memory) to the game.

Why should be a running process eating resources that could be given to the game for better graphics or better a.i.?

Why limit every single game, with something that not all will benefit (not everyone conect the ps3 to internet, a lot less play games always conected to internet)

Its a little win for a few and a great lose to everyone."

Here’s one more possibility: Sony wants in-game XMB done right, and it’s willing to delay the process until the proper product is ready for release. After all, the company’s used to delaying products until they’re ready. Sony’s "successful" Blu-ray format was also significantly delayed, and it slaughtered the cheaper HD-DVD format. In a bigger success story, the company didn’t release the PS3 until a year after the Xbox 360, and the quality-difference between the two almost sets the PS3 in the next-next-generation of gaming. If Sony has a plan for in-game XMB, there’s a good chance it’s going to kick a ridiculous amount of ass.

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