Sunday, August 10, 2008

HTC P3400i: The Affordable Pocket PC, an Ideal Business PDA phone gets reviewed

HTC P3400I1,Mobiletor

Designing products with individual customers in mind, HTC believes
in fabricating devices that are a customer’s delight. With years of
innovation, imagination and expertise, HTC develops high end
communication devices that effortlessly fit the user’s lifestyle

Well we did manage to grab the HTC P3400i, a dashing phone with a sleek and swanky archetype. More of an entry level phone, the PDA phone pretty much raises the bar keeping to HTC’s signature style in terms of its affordability. The
smartphone is ideal for young business executives who are looking for a
reasonable level of functionality at an affordable price.
high end device meets our needs as the perfect companion for business
meetings and trips. It’s also as a great partner to unwind after work.


For users like us who prowl on the practicality of a device rather than
style, the smart device is almost appropriate. Powered by radical
Windows Mobile 6 Professional, the PDA gives an intense mobile
experience with its simple intuitive interface. This feature works
great for us as it empowers us to be more productive by allowing
efficient management of Microsoft Excel
and Word Mobile files. And yes we don’t have to wait endlessly to
retrieve emails. The Direct Push Synchronization technology does that
for us instantly. Windows Live Messenger, Internet Explorer Mobile, Pictures & Videos and Windows Media Player 10 Mobile to playback…Phew, the phone is much more than literally a mobile PC.

You can’t go wrong with the large high resolution colour 2.8” touchscreen display. It is accompanied by a stylus that lets you draw, write or make a selection with a single tap, a great feature that is not otherwise supported by the iPhone.
The phone sometimes makes head turns with its music clarity. It does
offer a more dynamic and powerful audio experience with HTC’s Audio
Booster allowing sound settings like bass and 3D sound. HTC’s Media Hub can turn your boring day into quite a musical one with enjoyable music and movie clips. We don’t have to struggle with access to multimedia programs; it is made effortless by the Audio Manager.

The smart PDA boasts of an amazing connectivity comprehending EDGE,
Quad-band GSM and GPRS technologies. The phone additionally has an
external GPS that enables users to set the correct GPS communication
ports, when required. You have to use it to believe it as this
attribute is really useful when you have connected a GPS receiver to your device or there are programs on your device that access GPS data.
The Live HTC Home feature lets you access practically everything under
the sun like time, quick launcher, weather forecast of more than 3000
cities, one touch ring tone settings, favourite people and much more.

If you do have a tendency to go overboard with web surfing, the application disc accompanying the device features the Spb GPRS Monitor
that lets you calculate network usage costs by keeping a tab on the
amount of data transfers made via the GPRS or GSM network connection.
Off late we have stopped bothering about backups of data as the Sprite
Backup makes this really quick and easy. You don’t even have to worry
about the reception quality when you are driving; the car antenna
connector will do it for you.

HTC P3400I2,Mobiletor

You can also enjoy a great wireless audio experience with the
A2DP& AVRCP Bluetooth 2.0. The major attraction of the HTC phones
is the two pre-installed games, Bubble Breaker and Solitaire. Out of
the two, the Bubble Breaker is a really popular game and it is sure to
get people envious at times. The JBlend lets us download and install
additional Java applications which further enhance the gaming experience.

The phone is a great grab especially for those who prefer
functionality rather than just a good looking clutch phone. The HTC
P3400i is highly accessorized by a protective carrying pouch, a USB
Sync cable that can be connected to synchronize data from your device
to the PC, an AC adapter and a stereo headset for efficient volume
control along with a Send/End button to receive a call or put a call on
hold. The additional stylus is a relief considering the tendency to
misplace things at times.

The phone will truly enable users to handle all business
requirements with a 1250 mAh battery that can withstand a talk time of
up to 3.5 to 5 hours and a standby time of up to 150-200 hours.
Journeys are now fun with a media playback time of up to 12 hours for
WMA and up to 8 hours for WMV.


One major setback of the phone is the very small keypad. Though it’s
a QWERTY keypad, it can really get quite cumbersome at times. Even
after changing the settings, the keypad is just too small and it does
take a few months to adjust to it. Though the phone is characterized by
a CSD Line Type that can be used when making a circuit switch data
(CSD) connection, the device tends to freeze at times while copying data.

You may also struggle with the stylus in crowded places. Don’t even
imagine using your fingers for this job! It’s quite tiresome and can
get annoying at times.

For a smartphone, we are sure HTC could have added much more than
just a 2.0 mega pixel CMOS camera. The picture and video quality is not
something one can really boast of. Data hogs may find alternatives as
the smartphone will not satiate their 3G or Wi Fi needs. Another
negative aspect of the phone is you can’t keep many applications
running simultaneously. Minimizing the applications tends to consume
much of the battery.

Nevertheless, we would say the HTC P3400i is ultimate in mobility,
bundled with an array of useful multimedia applications that help get
through tasks effortlessly. It can be surely availed of by all market
segments along with young business executives as it’s a great value for
money. The technologically cutting edge PDA is a good buy at a bold
price of $488 (inclusive of 7 % GST) which is around Rs 20,400.

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