Sunday, August 3, 2008

Louis Vuitton Logo Lawsuit In the Bag

The popular LV logo that is Louis Vuitton's legacy is synonymous
with luxury and indulgence--which means that it is often co-opted, and
often by musicians. Lil Kim once did a photo shoot with LV's painted in
brown and tan all over her face and body. Rappers, in particular, have
always gravitated to the luxury brand. Kanye West has referred to
himself as "the Louis Vuitton Don." Jessica Simpson carries Louis
Vuitton bags ubiquitously.

But Louis Vuitton was not flattered recently when Britney Spears used
the logo without permission. She appeared in a music video in a car
covered with LV's. Ruben Studdard also used an LV without permission on
a CD jacket. As a result of this, Louis Vuitton decided to go after
their record label, SONY BMG, for allowing its artists to use their
logo unapproved, according to Crain's.

SONY BMG and Louis Vuitton reached an agreement that is meant to be
somewhere about $300,000--and it sends a message to labels, artists,
and anyone in the public who likes luxe logos: expensive labels come at
a price.

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