Sunday, August 10, 2008

Miyamoto's mouth firmly shut by Nintendo

A recent report from Times Online has revealed that Nintendo has banned the legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto from talking about his hobbies publicly.

With Miyamoto being well known now for announcing upcoming titles and
systems based around his pastimes, Nintendo has decided it was time to
ban his public hobby discussions, because they believe the competition
may attempt to develop an idea off his million dollar thoughts.

With the success of the Wii, Nintendogs, Brain Training and in more
recent times Wii Fit, it seems that inventive thoughts such as these
are where the industry is heading, and the big money lies.

By banning Shigeru Miyamoto’s hobby discussions in public, now not even
a single thought from the Nintendo God’s mind in relation to his
hobbies can escape from his mouth. This means that Nintendo’s plans for
future systems, accessories and games will not be unexpectedly leaked
anytime soon.

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