Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ASUS Adds a Simple Touch with Eee Top ET16 Series

Taipei, Taiwan
-- ASUS unveils the Eee Top ET16 Series of all-in-one touchscreen
computers that boast the full functionality of regular desktop PCs at
just the fraction of the footprint. Equipped with 15.6” five-wired
resistive touch panels, the new Eee Top ET1602 and Eee Top ET1603
enable users to manipulate what they see onscreen by applying direct
pressure with their fingertips, greatly enhancing the interactivity and
simplicity of performing daily computing tasks.

The benefits of
having a foolproof, touch-responsive interface are myriad, allowing
anyone in the family—regardless of computer proficiency—to experience
the convenience and excitement of computing. For example, family
members can scribble memos to each other, input text via handwriting
recognition or a virtual keyboard, and navigate web pages—all with just
their fingertips! These examples only touch the surface of what the Eee
Top ET16 Series is capable of. Each Eee Top ET16 Series computer comes
with a comprehensive suite of touch-optimized applications spanning
productivity, entertainment and communications—enabling users to do
virtually anything, easily.

Although housed in a compact LCD
monitor form factor, the Eee Top ET16 Series offers a rich complement
of features, such as Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity for speedy and reliable
Internet access, built-in high fidelity speakers for crystal clear
audio and an integrated 1.3 megapixel web camera and microphone array
for convenient web conferencing.

Simple Setup and Ease of Use
keeping with the core tenet of Eee, which is ease of use, Eee Top ET16
Series touchscreen computers are exceedingly quick and simple to set
up—just attach a power cord, and they are ready for use. They are also
exceptionally easy to use. Catering to users new to Windows who would
appreciate the simplicity afforded by an icon-driven, touch-and-select
interface, Eee Top ET16 Series touchscreen computers feature an
exclusive Easy Mode within Windows that allows users to locate and
access commonly-used applications easily within streamlined and
readily-accessible menus. This makes Windows immediately intuitive to
users with the most meager of computing experience, including children.

greatly to the Eee Top ET16 Series’ simplicity of use are its
preinstalled applications, many of which are tailored for touch panels.
Eee Memo, for example, enables users to write messages for their family
members on desktop ‘stickies’ with just their fingers. SoftStylus
allows them to input text without requiring a physical keyboard—it
recognizes handwriting and also offers a virtual keyboard as an
alternative. Surfing the Internet is also possible without a mouse,
thanks to Opera Touch, a rich-featured web browser enhanced for
touchscreen use that supports drag-and-drop functions, widgets and
‘speed dialing’.

Optimized Design and Flexibility of Placement
to the need to fit full functionality into such a sleek casing, the
designers behind the Eee Top ET16 Series carefully considered the use
of every iota of space. The result is an optimized product design that
is as elegant as it is attractive. This philosophy of optimization is
best evidenced in details such as the system’s carrying handle, which
also serves as a keyboard** holder. Another example would be the
cooling system—collectively known as ASUS Tranquiller Technology—that
utilizes an optimized blend of astute air flow design, quiet fans and
unique heat dissipation materials to ensure that the system stays cool
while operating at an extremely quiet 26 dB.

Given their compact
form factor and near-silent operation, Eee Top ET16 Series touchscreen
computers can be placed virtually anywhere in a house, office or
commercial space without being obtrusive or distracting. Their clean
and modern looks ensure that they will blend in nicely with
contemporary interiors, even functioning as talking pieces and points
of convergence in home settings such as the kitchen, living room and
study. They are also highly portable, and can be moved from room to
room with the greatest of ease. A user surfing the Internet in the
study could, for example, move it to the living room via its carrying
handle and set it up in seconds for an online yoga class.

beauty of the Eee Top ET16 Series is that it not only enhances the
interaction between user and computer, it also encourages more
interactivity between users in household settings. Possible usage
scenarios include homemakers searching for food recipes in the kitchen
and friends browsing through their music collections in the bedroom.
The Eee Top ET16 Series is the key to unlocking the door to truly
‘touching’ moments.

Powerful Multimedia Capabilities
Top ET16 Series touchscreen computers are fully-capable entertainment
centers. The 15.6” widescreen (16:9) LCDs are sharp and vibrant,
bolstered by Eee Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology that ensures
the Eee Top’s display remains vivid and clear regardless of
environmental lighting. Users will also enjoy high quality audio
throughout—without the need for additional speakers—thanks to the
integrated Hi-Fi speakers and SRS TruSurround HD™ technology.

added graphics power, the Eee Top ET1603 features a discrete ATI
Mobility Radeon HD3450 graphics solution, enabling the system to run
graphically-intensive 3D applications and games more fluidly.

in all of the Eee Top ET16 Series touchscreen computers’ multimedia
capabilities is Eee Cinema, a full-featured multimedia center that
enhances the user’s enjoyment of photos, videos, music and movies.
Offering a user interface that is akin to that found in consumer
set-tops, Eee Cinema puts the ability to browse, select and play all of
the user’s media at his or her fingertips.

Source : http://www.hardwarezone.com/