Saturday, November 22, 2008

Symantec and Intel Present General Session at SYS-CON's 4th International Virtualization Conference & Expo

With an ever increasing variety of physical and virtual endpoints, companies are rapidly facing the next big challenge - manageability. So stated Symantec's Brian Duckering and Intel's Chuck Brown in their general session on Friday at SYS-CON's 4th International Virtualization Conference & Expo held in San Jose, CA.

Sponsored by more than 40 companies, SYS-CON's 4th International Virtualization Conference & Expo attracted over 1,000 preregistered delgates from 23 different countries, and a special delegation from Tokyo, Japan.

In order to manage hybrid types of models, companies need to balance the datacenter with the needs of the users. No one model fits all, and there is the need to support different user groups. Companies need to find a solution to centrally manage and secure the these hybrid environments and they look to virtual clients to provide this.

With streaming, virtualization, and vProTM technologies, Symantec and Intel provide a set of technologies to effectively manage these hybrid environments while maximizing end-user productivity.

Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunities for the 5th International Virtualization Conference & Expo - March 22-24, 2009, New York City
Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunities Offered on a First-Come First-Served Basis. To inquire about sponsorship and exhibit opportunities please contact Carmen Gonzalez at 201-802-3021 or by email at events(at) Currently, a limited number of sponsorship and exhibition packages with multiple sponsorship discounts are available for the upcoming events.

A Who's Who of Virtualization and Cloud Computing Technology Rock Stars!
SYS-CON faculty alumni include such notable speakers as: Bret Adam (rPath), Deepak Alur (JackBe), Theo Beack (BEA Systems), Kevin Brown (Kidaro), Donato Buccella (Certeon), Bob Buffone (Nexaweb), David Christian (MindBridge), Jonathan Clark (Thinstall), Ariel Cohen (Xsigo Systems), Andrew Conte (APC), Simon Crosby (Citrix Systems), Kurt Daniels (Parallels), Sujil Das (Mellanox Technologies), Kevin Epstein (Scalent Systems), Shai Fultheim (ScaleMP), Rick German (Stoneware), Dror Gill (Ceedo), Ravi Gururaj (VMLogix), Matthew Haynos (IBM), Stephen Herrod (VMware), Arthur Hitomi (Endeavors Technologies), Gordon Jackson (DataSynapse), Peter Jensen (Thinstall), Steve Kaplan (AccessFlow), David Kleidermacher (Green Hills Software), Madhur Kohli (Levanta), Brian Korn (Scalent Systems), Gary Lamb (AccessFlow), Rich Lechner (IBM), Matt Lee (Neocleus), Victoria Livschitz (Grid Dynamics), Bob Lozano (Appistry), Peter Manca (Egenera), Andi Mann (EMA), Jerry Melnick (Marathon Technologies), Mark Milligan (VirtualLogix), Shridhar Mittal (iTKO), Hezi Moore (Reflex Security), Phil Morris (Sun Microsystems), Parviz Peiravi (Intel), Geva Perry (GigaSpaces Technologies), Harry Petty (Brocade), Stephen Pollack (PlateSpin), George Pradel (Vizioncore), Bob Quinn (3Leaf), Ben Rudolph (Parallels), Bill Scarborough (VMware), John Stetic (PlateSpin), Brian Stevens (Red Hat), Robert Steward (DataDirect), Allen Stewart (Microsoft), Butch Villafor (Egenera), Roland Wartenberg (SAP), Matt Waxman (EMC Corporation), Julian Weinstock (Desktone), Hubert Yoshida (Hitachi) and Kurt Zieglar (SIMtone).

The Most Distinguished Faculty November 19-21, 2008 -San Jose, CA
SYS-CON's upcoming faculty includes such distinguished speakers as: Dan Avida (Opus Capital), Alex Bakman (VKernel), Michael Berman (Catbird), Ken Berryman (Symantec), Brad Brown (TUSC), Jonathan Bryce (Mosso), Donato Buccella (Certeon), Rachel Chalmers (The 451 Group), Stuart Charlton (Elastra), Reuven Cohen (Enomaly), Dave Durkee (ENKI), Mike Eaton (Cloudworks), Yakov Fain (Farata Systems), Walter Falk (IBM Global Technology Services), Mike Feinberg (EMC), Joe Fitzgerald (ManageIQ), Kyle Gabhart (Web Age Solutions), Anup K. Ghosh (Secure Command), Michel Gien (VirtualLogix), Alex Givens (UC4 Software), Dr. Robert Hagmann (Coral8), Patrick Harr (Nirvanix), Ralph James (RSSBus), John Janakiraman (Skytap), Mike Kemp (Liquid Computing), Lynn LeBlanc (FastScale), Lars Leckie (Hummer Winblad Venture Partners), Patrick Leonard (RogueWave), David Linthicum (The Linthicum Group), Paul Lipton (CA), Jay Litkey (Embotics), Bob Lozano (Appistry), Jim Mackay (iTKO LISA), Billy Marshall (rPath), Dave McCroy (Hyper9), Dwayne Melancon (Tripwire), Leslie Muller (DynamicOps), Mike Neil (Microsoft), Baldwin Ng (Microsoft), Peter Nickolov (3Tera), Gerardo Pardo-Castellote (Real-Time Innovations), Cornelius Pone (PPC), Bob Quinn (3Leaf), Sean Rhody, Jesus Rodriguez (Tellago), Michael Rowley (Active Endpoints), Nati Shalom (GigaSpaces), David Snead, Javier Soltero (Hyperic), John Suit (Fortisphere), Ratmir Timashev (Veeam), Omer Trajman (Vertica Systems), Dr. Werner Vogels (Amazon), Thorsten von Eicken (RightScale), Ed Walsh (Virtual Iron), Roland Wartenberg (SAP), John Whaley (MokaFive) Alan Williamson (Blog-City), Steve Wilson (Sun Microsystems), Rich Wolski (U.C. Santa Barbara), David Young (Joyent) and Songnian Zhou (Platform Computing).

Cloud Computing Technology Providers and Contributors in 2008-2009
The following companies are among the providers and contributors of Cloud Computing technology: 10Gen, 3Leaf, 3Tera, Absolute Performance, Accenture, Akamai,, Appirio, Appistry, Areti Internet, Boomi,, Canaan Partners, Cloud9 Analytics, CloudWorks, CNI Systems, CohesiveFT, CSRware, DataDirect, Dell, DNAmail, eBay, Elastra, EMC, EngineYard, Enki Consulting, Enomaly, Excelian, Flexiscale, Fortress ITX, Forum, GigaSpaces, GoGrid, Google, HP, IBM, IBRIX, Joyent, JumpBox, Layered Technologies, Level 3 Communications, Linxter, LongJump, MDV, Microsoft, Moka5 (MokaFive), Mosso, NewServers, Nirvanix, Ocarina Networks, OpSource, Panorama Software, Peer1 Networks, Pervasive Software, Platform Computing, PLX Technology, Qlayer, Rackspace, RampRate, Red Hat, RightScale, rPath,, Saugatuck Technology, ServePath, Skills Matter, Skytap, SnapLogic, SOASTA, Sun Microsystems, Symphoniq, Symphony Services, Tap In Systems, Teneros, Terremark, Transitive Corporation, Univa UD, Verizon Business, Vertica, VMware, XCalibre,, ZOHO and Zuora.

Virtualization Technology Providers and Contributors in 2008-2009
The following companies are among the providers and contributors of Virtualization technology: 3PAR, Accellion, Acronis, Actional, Active Endpoints, ActiveGrid, activePDF, ActiveServers, ActiveState, Actuate, Adaptec, Agile Software, AGiLiENCE, Agilysys, Akorri, AlachiSoft, Alter Logic, Altor Networks, Altova, AMD, AMDAHL, Amentra, Amyuni, anacubis, Apani, APC, Appcelerator, AppSense, AppStream, Array Networks, Ascential, Astaro, Attune Systems, Autodesk, AutoVirt, Availl, Avanade, Azul Systems, Barracuda Networks, BEA Systems, B-hive, Black Duck Software, Blackbaud, Blade Network Technologies, Blue Coat, Blue Lane, BlueArc, BlueNote Networks, BluePheonix Solutions, BMC Software, Borland, Bristol Technology, Brix Networks, BroadVision, Brocade, Burton Group, Business Objects, CA, CalAmp, Cassatt, Cast Iron Systems, Catbird, Cayenne Technologies, Ceedo Technologies, Cenzic, Certeon, CiRBA, Cisco Systems, Cision, Citrix Systems, ClearApp, ClearCube Technology, CollabNet, Compass America, Composite Software, Compugen, Compuware, Configuresoft, Continuity Software, Coraid, Courion, Coyote Point Systems, Crescendo Networks, CSC, DataCore, DataSynapse, Dell, Desktone, Digipede Technologies, Double-Take Software, Ecora Software, EDS, eG Innovations, Egenera, Elastra Corporation, Electric Cloud, Embotics, EMC Corporation, Emulex, Endeavors Technology, Enigmatic Corporation, Enterprise Management Associates, Entuity, EqualLogic, Ericom Software, ESRI, EVault, eXludus Technologies, F5 Networks, FalconStor, FastScale Technology, Foedus, Force10 Networks, Fortisphere, Forum Systems, Fujitsu, GemStone Systems, Getronics, GlassHouse, Green Hills Software, Grid Dynamics, GridGain Systems, GT Software, Hitachi, HP, Hyper9, Hyperic, IBM, ICEsoft, IGEL Technology, Illumita, ILOG, IMEX Research, Information Builders, Ingres, InstallFree, Integrien, Intel, Intellium, International Computerware, iTKO LISA, JBoss, Juniper, KACE, Kidaro, LeftHand Networks, Leostream, Lifeboat Distribution, Liquid Computing Corporation, Liquid Technology, Lynux Works, Mainline, ManageIQ, Managed Methods, ManageSoft, Marathon Technologies, McAfee, Mellanox Technologies, Microsoft, Mid-Atlantic Computers, Mindbridge Software, Mindreef, MKS, MonoSphere, Motorola, MQSoftware, mySoftIT, NASTEL, Ncomputing, NEC, Neocleus, NeoPath Networks, Neoware, NetApp, Netegrity, Neterion, Netuitive, Neverfail, Nexaweb, NextAxiom, Nimbus, Nimsoft, Niyuta, NoMachine, Novell, ONStor, Opalis Software, Open Kernel Labs, OpenSpan, OPNET Technologies, Optaros, OpTier, Oracle, Pano Logic, Parallels, Parasoft, Perforce Software, PHD Technologies, Phoenix Technologies, Phurnace Software, Pillar Data Systems, PlateSpin/Novell, Progress Software, Prolifics, ProSync Technology, Provision Networks, QLogic, Quest Software, Racemi, Raritan, Raxco Software, Red Hat, Reflex Security, Resolution Enterprises, RingCube Technologies, Riverbed Technology, Rogue Wave Software, RSA Security, Sagnet Solutions, SanDisk Corporation, SAP, SAVVIS, ScaleMP, Scalent Systems, Seanodes, Secure Command, Secure Computing, Sentillion, Shavlik Technologies, ServInt Internet Services, Silpion IT Solutions, SIMtone, Skytap, Skyway Software, Software AG, Sonasoft, SourceGear, Splunk, StackSafe, SteelEye Technology, StillSecure, StoneFly, Stonesoft, Stoneware, StoreVault, StrikeIron, STT WebOS, Sun Microsystems, SunGard, Supermicro Computer, Surgient, SWsoft, Sybase, Symantec, Systar, TBD Networks, Tenfold, TheInfoPro, Thinstall, Third Brigade, TIBCO Software, Tidal Software, Tideway Systems, TOA Solutions, TRANGO Virtual Processors, Trend Micro, Tresys Technology, Trigence, Tripwire, Ulteo, Unisys, United Devices, VaST Systems, VDIworks, VeeAm Software, Verari Systems, Verio, VeriSign, Vicom Computer Services, VirtenSys, Virtera, Virtual Iron, VirtualLogix, Virtugo Software, Virtutech, VisionCore, Vizioncore, VKernel, VMLogix, vmSight, VMware, Vordel, vThere-Sentillion, Vyatta, WaveMaker, Web Age Solutions, WSO2, Wyse Technology, XDS, XenoCode, Xiotech, xkoto, Xsigo Systems, Zenith Optemedia, Zeus Technology.

SOA Technology Providers and Contributors in 2008-2009
The following companies are among the providers and contributors of SOA technology: 3PAR, Accenture, AccessFlow, Active Endpoints, Active PDF, ActiveState, ADP, Agile Path, Agilent, Akamai, Altova, Amber Point, AMD, Antenna, Apatar, APC, Appcelerator, Appistry, AppSense, AppStream/ Symantec, Apptricity, Astaro, Asychrony, Attune Systems, Autodesk, Avorcor, Aztec Software, Azul Systems, BEA, B-hive, Black Duck Software, Blue Coat, Blue Note Networks, BMC, Borland, Business Objects, CA, Cacheon, CapClear, Cast Iron Systems, Ceedo, Certeon, Cherry Road Technologies, Cigna, Cisco, Cision, ClearApp, Cognos, Component Source, ComponentOne, Composite Software, Compuware, Coral8, Covalent, Cretaceous Software, Critical Watch, Crosscheck Networks, Curl, DataDirect, DataSynapse, Day Software, eBay, Elementool, Elixir Technology, Embarcadero, EMC, Endeavors Technologies, Ensim Corporation, Entegrity, Enterprise DB, Epicor, ESRI, Evident Software, eviware, F5 Networks, Farata Systems, Fiorano, Forum Systems, Freedom OSS, Fujitsu, GemStone Systems, GigaSpaces, Green Hills Software, Grid Dynamics, GT Software, GXS, HCL Technologies, Herzum Software, HP, IBM, Illustro, ILOG, Informatica, Infragistics, Infusion Developers, Initiate Systems, InstallFree, Intel, Intelesis, Intellium, InterSystems, Intrepid Solutions, Intuwave, IONA, IT Toolbox, Itellix, iTKO, JackBe, Jive Software, JNet Direct, Juniper Systems, JustSystems, Kaazing, Kapow Technologies, Kidaro, Krugle, Laszlo Systems, Layer 7 Technologies, Levanta, Lingo Systems, Lombardi Software, Magic Software, Managed Methods, McAfee, Megapath, Mellanox Technologies, MG Software, Microsoft, Mindbridge, Mindreef, MindTouch, MiracleSoft, MKS, MomentumSI, MQ Software, Mule Source, NASTEL, Nexaweb, NextAxiom, Nextel, Nokia, Nortel Networks, OASIS, Object Builders, ObjectFocus, Odyssey Software, Opalis, Openmake Software, OpenSpan, OpTier, Optio Software, Oracle, Parallels, Parasoft, Pervasive Software, PlateSpin/ Novell, Progress Software, Prolifics, Protecode, Quest Software, Questra, Raxco Software, Recursion Software, Red Hat, Reflex Security, Research & Markets, RadiantLogic, Ring Cube Technologies, Riptide Software, Rogue Wave Software, rPath, RSA Security, SAIC,, SAP, Satyam, Scalent Systems, Seagull Software, Securent, Sherpa Software, Sierra Systems, Skytap, Skyway Software, SOA Software, Software AG, Sonic Software, SourceGear, Spike Source, Splunk, SpringSource, Starcom Worldwide, Stoneware, Stonewater Systems, Strike Iron, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, Tenfold, Thinstall, TIBCO, Tidal Software, Tideway Systems, Trivera Technologies, TwoConnect, Vastera, Verari Systems, Verio, Vertigo, Vignette, Virtual Iron, Visual Mining, Vitria, VMware, Vocus, Vordel, Web Age Solutions, webmethods, Whizlabs Software, Wipro, WSO2, XAware, Xsigo Systems, ZapThink and Zimbra.

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