Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ASUS Debuts Notebook - Eee 10.2? Mini PC Notebook

Asus with its Eee PC mini notebook concept made a great move, starting avalanche that still spreads. Almost there is no big manufacturer of notebooks on market that didn’t launch or announced similar product. Besides huge popularity that Asus Eee PC 701 got, there were some objections which dissuaded a lot of potential buyers from shopping. Most criticism was targeted to its screen size. Even on Eee’s concept promotion was announced launch of bigger model, but waiting for it got prolonged more than we expected. Finally, we are in position to introduce Asus Eee 10.2" mini PC notebook to you.

If you, by any chance, aren’t familiar with its predecessor we suggest you to first read our review for 10.2" mini PC notebook. Quite expected, Eee 10.2" mini PC notebookdoesn’t bring anything revolutionary but improvements that are implemented were carefully chosen. The 10.2" mini PC notebook has 10.2" diagonal screen and 1024×600p resolution. Everyday work and above all surfing on the Internet is now incomparably cozier. Most sites are optimized for 1024p horizontal resolution and on new model horizontal scroll is eluded during site checkups. Also considerably reduced is need for vertical scrolling. This resolution is much more pleasant not only for surfing but also for regular text typing.

This time ASUS applied LED display with less consumption that offers more reliable and uniform black color from classic displays. We should mention that screen is matte, to everyone’s pleasure. Picture is bright and clear, while on strong sun light you will need to set higher screen brightness value. As we tested engineer sample, we can only hope that final product will improve that characteristic. Anyway, bigger screen means a lot and Asus Eee10.2" mini PC notebook got a big plus for that. The best thing is that Asus just slightly changed dimensions in total. Weight went up to 1.25KG

This Eee PC offers even more options to users for unique user experiences. Users will be able to enjoy stable and reliable computing on-the-go; Super  VIA C7-Mobile processor 1.6G Hz and 1GB DDR2 RAM, 4 hours of battery life, high speed 802.11b/g connectivity and exclusive 120GB Storage makes it the ideal traveling companion for outdoor activities. The large 10.2" display provides comfortable viewing, and a keyboard that’s 92% sized of generic notebooks make for easier typing and relaxing usage. It is also available in 6 custom colored designs to fit your unique personality.

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