Saturday, December 13, 2008

Canon Fodder: Classic books coming to Nintendo DS

Now we know what Mario reads: As You Like It, Round the World in Eighty Days and The Call of the Wild.

The Times (UK) reported this week that HarperCollins and Nintendo had joined forces to bring classic e-books to the latter's dual-screened DS. (Incidentally, it's sort of cute that someone at The Times thinks there's a game called Mario the Plumber.)

Priced at £15 at and set to be released in the United Kingdom only on Boxing Day, the Brit-heavy 100 Classic Book Collection includes books by Charles Dickens, Jules Verne and two of the Brontë sisters as well as 22 plays by William Shakespeare. Browse the list here (scroll down). Even at the full price of £20, you're getting books for 40p (about 80¢) each.

And for kids, what an excuse to bring your DS everywhere!

[Nintendo DS. Photo by Fred Prouser/Reuters]

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