Sunday, December 7, 2008

Killzone 2 Release Date on PS3; 12 New Screens

This past fall Sony stated the much-anticipated PS3 exclusive Killzone 2 would not be released in 2008 and instead would likely land sometime in February 2009.

Thanks to G4's X-Play, we can now confirm that Sony has officially marked February 27 for the United States release of Killzone 2. The status for release in other territories remains unknown.

If you can think back to nearly four years ago, Sony used a pre-rendered CGI "film" to unveil Sony Playstation 3 to the masses at E3. It seems like forever ago since Killzone 2 was first confirmed to be in development, and now we're less than two months away from its imminent arrival.

Sony has been running closed demos for online multiplayer play including the sweet new "Warzone" mode that switches modes automatically based on what's transpiring in the game. For example, if one player is clearly dominating in capture the flag, the game might switch to assassination and make this player the target.

We also have 12 all-new high resolution screenshots from Killzone 2 straight from Sony which you can look at below. Feel free to drool, and don't forget to put a big huge mark on your calendar for February 27, 2009.

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