Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nintendo Launches North American Club Nintendo Site

Nintendo has launched the official website for the North American version of their Club Nintendo promotional service (via Kotaku), where gamers can earn bonuses by buying and registering Nintendo games and products. Unfortunately, there's really nothing to see on the site right now, other than a promise that the service is "coming soon," and a few new details on how it'll actually work. Observe:

  • Earn Coins for registering Nintendo products and completing surveys

  • Redeem Coins for limited edition Rewards

  • Earn a set amount of Coins each year to gain Gold and Platinum status

  • Create a Family Account and invite members of your family to join

  • Register your newly purchased Wii console or Nintendo DS on Club Nintendo and extend your warranty

It all sounds very similar to the Club Nintendo services that Japanese and European gamers have been privy to for years, so it's about time North American gamers were let in on the fun. No mention has been made about what the rewards will be, but a recent ESRB rating revealed that the Game & Watch Collection for the DS -- a Club Nintendo exclusive in Japan -- will be released in the U.S. soon.

Nintendo announced their intentions to bring Club Nintendo to North America at a press conference back in October, promising it would launch before the end of the year. Considering there's only 25 days left to the year, and so far Nintendo's only managed to launch a barebones website, we're starting to wonder whether they'll be able to keep that promise. Here's hoping.

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