Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nokia version of iphone-Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (Tube)

There are getting more and more mobile phone makers entry into the touchscreen phone space after the success of Apple iphone. We have seen the Motorola has its Motorola Krave ZN4, Sony Ericsson has Sony Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, and the worlds number one phone maker, Nokia has just released its touchscreen mobile phone-Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic also known as Tube, which is is the first production device to run S60 5th Edition. Let’s see what are the special about this device.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic measuring 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm, is a narrow but fat device. However, the phone is roughly the size of the HTC Diamond,and considerably smaller than both the iPhone, and Samsung Omnia. The device has a large 3,2“, bright nHD (640 x 360 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio) ,resistive touch screen and tactile feedback color display. The device has variety of input methods: stylus, plectrum and finger touch support for text input and UI control (alphanumeric keypad, full and mini qwerty keyboard, handwriting recognition). Note that There’s a tiny self-portrait camera above the display, along with a quick-action button that pops up a menu of the most-frequently used applications. At the bottom of the screen there are three keys: a send key (green), a home key and an end key (red).

The back of the device has a 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss optics and an accompanying dual LED flash.On the side are volume and camera controls, a lock switch, and a MicroSD card slot.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic can either be used two handed (stylus or finger touch) or one handed (with finger touch), thanks for the S60 5th Edition OS. Also it is important to realise that S60 5th Edition really is the enabling of touch interaction for the existing S60 UI. Within the traditional Symbian Series 60 menu system, you’ll find the typical reliable apps, such as the GPS-powered Nokia Maps, an FM radio, a podcasting client, and both POP/IMAP and Microsoft Exchange mail clients.

What’s new is a touch-sensitive button above the screen that drops down the Media Bar for access to music, movies, photos, the browser and sharing. Not life changing, but quite convenient. There’s also a new home screen with a “Fav Four” of sorts across the top and little else. Tap that friend, and you can get a quick look at recent calls, messages and even related RSS feeds. Pretty neat if you’re a loner, but there’s no way to add more than four friends, or view similar info for your regular contacts that don’t make the cut. Luckily, the traditional S60 home screen is also available.

However, in its first touch-screen handset, Nokia didn’t get a lot right. If you have a touch screen–only device, your navigation gestures (swiping, zooming, and dragging) need to work perfectly. Some touch-screen gadgets hedge their bets by including a track-ball or cursor pad. Nokia puts all its chips on the 5800’s touch screen,

Source : http://www.itworld.com/