Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nokia XpressMusic and Yamaha rip-off: the Jinpeng S108

Obviously with the Chinese rip-off merchants nothing is impossible, for instance can anyone imagine XpressMusic not being Nokia? How about XpressMusic being Yamaha then?

Well it seems the Chinese rip-off boys have been at it yet again, this time by China’s Jinpeng and their S108 candy-bar form factor which actually combines XpressMusic and Yamaha in this rather bizarre mobile handset.

For example the S108 actually incorporate twenty-five loudspeakers!!! Why anyone would want 25 loudspeakers is anyone’s guess, but if you do and you’re over there you can apparently pick up the S108 for $94.00, but don’t expect any warranty from Yamaha.

Source – eemobi and Phonesreview