Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nokia's NoTA Imitative Seeks to Make Mobile Development Faster, More Efficient

 Nokia and NXP -- a semiconductor company founded by Philips -- have announced the results of a project called NoTA (Network on Terminal Architecture) which takes a modular approach to mobile device design and development. By using NoTA, these two companies aim to transform mobile development with a flexible, service-based platform.
What is NoTA?
NoTA is designed to change the highly integrated nature of development and turn it into a distributed, modular system.
By taking advantage of the specific tasks of application processing, storage, connectivity, or multimedia, a module will be able to communicate with the rest of the system via service nodes that can be based on open standards e.g. Open Max, Open Vg, or Open GL ES.
Why is NoTA Relevant?
Mobile device development is an expensive procedure for manufacturers. Manufacturers usually try to cut costs by creating device frameworks and developing several devices on these. However, integrated components are harder update because they are so tied to the system.
NoTA enables a faster time-to-market and more attractiveness to developers because of specialized areas of development that can be integrated. Efficiency for manufacturers means easier and faster testing, and the quicker marketing of new technologies.
For More Information
For more information about NoTA and Nokia/NXP research project, visit the NoTA website.

Source : http://www.brighthand.com/