Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bethesda, Nintendo Games Top 2008 Resale Value List

Games published by Bethesda, Nintendo and MTV retained their value the best in 2008, according to

After tracking the average resale value of thousands of games using sites like Ebay and Amazon, PriceCharts determined the percentage change in value based on the original MSRP of the product.

The games with the worst resale values came from publishers such as Rockstar, Sega and Brash. Sierra captured the bottom slot, as its catalog dropped an average of 59%.

In addition to publisher-specific list, PriceCarts also looked at the value change on a per-game basis, and predictably found that Nintendo's Wii Fit had the highest resale value of any title with an increase of 55%.

The most dramatic drop-off in value? Sega Superstar Tennis, which sells for an average of 82% less than its MSRP, as pointed out by Gamasutra.

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