Sunday, January 11, 2009

CES 2009 MSI Booth Tour in Photos

MSI is holding its own competing with Asus in the netbook, notebook and all-in-one PC announcements at CES 2009. Reason enough for us to feature the MSI CES 2009 booth in a 40 photo booth tour.
MSI unveiled at the CES 2009 for instance the new MSI Wind netbooks with the U120, U115 Hybrid, and the new NetOn Atom based All-in-One PCs.
MSI also exhibited new notebooks that are featured as well in this photo gallery.
The MSI CES 2009 Booth Tour features the following new MSI products: MSI Wind U120, MSI Wind U115 Hybrid, MSI Wind U100 Pinky Love, MSI PX600, MSI GT727, MSI GT725, MSI GT420, MSI GX630, MSI GT627, MSI Wind NetOn AP1902, MSI Wind NetOn AE1901, Wind NetBox DU100, and MSI Wind NetOn AC1600.
See the Photos of the MSI CES 2009 Booth now.


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