Sunday, January 11, 2009

CES: Sony Vaio P the ultimate trophy netbook

The cost of Sony Corp.'s 1.4-pound Vaio P mobile computer is a ultimate trophy netbook in a crowded field of low-priced ultra-mobile machines.

The sparkling exterior cover and matte silver keyboard are unlike most standard netbook color schemes, and the 8-inch ultra wide 1600 x 768 resolution pops off the screen like a diamond in the desert.

The keyboard employs a trackpoint rather than trackpad due to the lack of width on the machine. The trackpoint works well and can be tapped to execute a left button mouse press.

Other premium features include built-in GPS, Wireless 3G WAN A 1.3Ghz Intel Atom CPU, 2GB RAM, and 60GB or 128GB Solid State Drive round out the specifications.

As a fashion-conscious PC, the Sony will offer a range of Vaio P accessories, including matching sleeves and leather cases.

Like most en vogue products, the dressed up netbook includes a premium price tag. The entry-level starts at $899, well above rival models by Acer Inc., MSI, and ASUSTek Inc.

However, owners of the Vaio P are likely to attract attention from bystanders who sneak and peek at the luxe PC – a thought not lost on potential buyers.


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