Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Sony VAIO P Details leak

The new Sony VAIO P slowly emerges in full. As reported the new wide format Sony netbook leaked over Christmas and is currently teased on the Japanese Sony site.
German NetbookNews reports now that the Sony VAIO P would run on the Intel Atom Z520 CPU (1.33Ghz) and feature 2GB RAM. HDD, SSD, GPS, and 3G are options. The price of the Sony VAIO P is supposed to be shy of $1,000.
As reported earlier the screen of the VAIO P is supposed to be 8 inches in size and have a 1,600 x 768px resolution.
There is also yet another new VAIO P teaser graphic offering the mysterious tag line "A new Light is coming". See it on Engadget.
The Sony VAIO P draws a lot of coverage around the tech sites, but I am not really excited about it. The form factor seems awkward. Sure it is nice to have such a high resolution, but I would be fine with 1,280x1024px in a 8 or 9 inch display.

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