Monday, January 5, 2009

Nokia patents four-way folding Communicator

Until now clamshell phones have had just the one hinge, but future generations of folding Nokia handsets could be different - the firm has filed a patent application describing a device with no fewer than four hinges.

Basically the concept sees the phone split into four sections: two LCD screens that fold out to form a single display; and a fold-out QWERTY keypad. The four hinges mean the entire thing opens up to form a Communicator-style device with a large landscape screen and full keyboard for quickly tapping out mails and messages.

Of course, Nokia filing a patent describing this concept isn’t a guarantee that it’ll ever become a reality - tech companies tend to churn these things out simply to deny rivals the chance of ever making something similar. But the idea of a full-on Communicator in a body half the size of the current E90 sounds pretty nifty to us.

(Via Electricpig)