Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sony’s PS2 tops popularity ratings for the most-played console

In the recently published Nielsen's popularity ratings - from January to October 2008 - for TV advertisements, product placements, consoles/ PC games/ mobile games of the year, Sony PlayStation 2 was not just the most popular console, but was also used nearly two times more than its closest rival the Xbox 360.

In fact, even with the combined time spent on Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony's PS2 was a clear winner! While 31.7 percent of the American gamer pool consisted of PS2 users, 17.2 percent comprised the Xbox 360, and 13.4 percent comprised the Wii.

Among the other consoles, the original Xbox hung on at 9.7 percent; the PS3 at 7.3 percent; Nintendo's GameCube 4.6 percent, and others at 16.2 percent.

Though the high popularity rating of PS2 came as a surprise, with much hype about 'next-gen' console, what was not so surprising was Blizzard's World of Warcraft (WoW) ranking the highest on the 'top ten list' of most-played PC titles. With American gamers playing an average of 631 minutes per week, during the period surveyed, figures indicate that nearly one percent of PC gamers play WoW each minute.

Among other games, while EA Maxis' The Sims worked their way up the order, the Valves occupied most of the lowest ranks. Expectedly, Tetris was the most popular game played by the mobile users!

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