Thursday, February 19, 2009

Desktop PCs and computers: A new range of Asus computers are now available through CCL

The CCL stock shelves are about to be filled with a new range of computers from Asus.

New models are the P2-P5N9300, P4-P5N930, T3-P5G43 and the T3-P5P43 PCs which are in the 'booksize' or 'mini-tower' Barebone categories.

However, while being small and compact to take up less space in the home or office, they still feature the latest Intel processing power to meet the demands of computer enthusiasts.

Prices range from £131.32 to £157.34 inclusive of VAT, offering different budgetary options to ensure the best value for money depending on requirements.

Asus is particularly proud of the P2-P5N9300 which it describes as a "small companion with the most powerful graphics performance is evolved to offer a new experience of HD video" while the T3-P5P43 as offers "speed performance with solid quality".

The new range is expected to arrive in two-three days and will go on sale with next day delivery available.

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