Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Magnifique: A Leopard Theming Tool

Magnifique is the Leopard theming tool that many people have been waiting a long time for.  It is a simple program, with only the ability to load custom OS X themes and nothing more.  What it also gives a user is the ability to change themes around with ease.  Before Magnifique, if you had a theme that you wanted to run then it was either necessary to edit the theme file directly or to use a theme w/ installer kit (like iLeopard).  Magnifique is not as complex as ShapeShifter was for the 10.2-10.4 operating systems, since it lacks interactive preview mode and easy ways to find more themes.  Seriously though, if you want to theme your Leopard Mac then give this a shot.  It's a 1.0 release and guaranteed to be a little shaky but I think its worth it.

Update: I've been loading different themes from Magnifique's website and have run into some minor issues.  One theme appeared to stall when being installed, though it did work normally.  I also ran into a couple Applescript errors coming up but not affecting the load.  A final thing to mention is that iTunes support isn't quite there yet, as it is the bane of theme creators.  Apple manages to kick out a new interface just after most themers get the last one updated.

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