Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sony Expands PlayStation Biz Into Latin America


Sony has announced that the full PlayStation line will now be available in 13 Latin American countries, bringing PlayStation and PSP games, peripherals, and all three of Sony's platforms in an official capacity, with the PlayStation Network digital distribution service following shortly.

While PlayStation fans who reside in Latin America have technically been able to get their hands on PlayStation 3 and PSP for quite some time, doing so typically required relying on import stores and specialty shops. Having an official presence in these nations, alongside Sony's established consumer electronics division, will likely go a long way towards lowering the prices on the hardware and software, and expanding the user base of PlayStation owners worldwide.

Though it's certainly taken them quite some time, this is good news for Sony, and great news for folks who've been eagerly anticipating Grand Theft Auto but won't pay import prices.

Image: wlodi/Flickr

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