Sunday, May 29, 2011

Section 8: Prejudice Overdrive Map Pack Arrives June 1st

TimeGate Studios is expanding their downloadable shooter Section 8: Prejudice. They plan to release an Overdrive Map Pack on June 1st.
The Overdrive Map Pack adds two new locations for multiplayer battles. Abaddon features a power cell facility surrounded by magma craters. Sky Dock, meanwhile, takes place at a military base in an icy environment. Both maps can be played both online and off-line in all game modes.
Prejudice is a digital-only sequel to Section 8. Players wear power suits that let them run at high speeds and fly through the air in short bursts. They enter combat via orbital dropships and they can choose where they want to "drop" on a map. Players can also call down drop pods with vehicles and defensive structures in the middle of a match.
The map pack will be available through Xbox Live Arcade and Games for Windows Marketplace. It will be priced at 320 MS Points, or $4.