Wednesday, June 15, 2011

iPhone 5 release related? Or HTC Evo 3D, Galaxy S2 response?

Unlocked iPhones an indication of the upcoming new generation? Or just a strategy to challenge the growing number of high-end Android devices?

Speculations are all over the internet, with multiple thoughts about the “late” implementation of unlocked iPhone 4 here in United States. Apparently, unlocked iPhone 4 is not new in Europe and Asian markets, and in US too, but with the help of third-party retailers like Expansys and other online smartphone stores.
But the timing means a lot, especially if we’re going to scan the growing smartphone market. Why now Apple?
In USA alone, a bunch of new, improved and totally snappy Android smartphones are arriving like HTC’s Sensation 4G and Evo 3D, Samsung’s Galaxy S II, LG’s Thrill 4G or Optimus 3D and other cool Android handsets including the screamer LTE Android smartphones offered by Verizon Wireless. Is it possible that Apple realized that Android is quickly becoming a sleeping giant turned super power? Or they’re just into emptying the iPhone cargos because a new phone is coming?
New phone you ask? Well, the iPhone 5, which is according to rumors, will arrive in September alongside Apple’s new iOS version that adopted some ideas of Android like the drop down notification system, etc.
iPhone 5, according to our common sense, will include a better camera quality of 8 megapixels, dual-core processor or the A5 chip also used by the iPad 2, and might include a larger screen size of at least 4 inches, and Apple might ditch the tiny 3.5 inches because the taste buds of consumers obviously changed after experiencing 4 to 4.3 inches Android smartphones.
The good news, especially if you’re an Apple fanboy, is the possibility of an unlocked iPhone 5 because of the recent introduction of the unlocked 4th gen. Looks like third-party retailers are the biggest “losers” here, and not the Android community.
Just a quick note: Unlocked iPhone  4 is different from AT&T’s and Verizon’s because it allows the user to insert any Micro SIM cards, including the off-shore carrier’s. The advantage of the unlocked iPhone 4 is its ability to use other carrier SIM cards, especially if you’re into travelling abroad.
Additional bits of information, HTC Evo 3D will arrive in USA via Sprint this month, while rumors are suggesting that Samsung Galaxy S II will debut in USA next month, or early next quarter. Both smartphones are capable of delivering snappy performance courtesy of dual-core processor and Android’s latest Gingerbread operating system version.