Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rapid Racoon announced for Nintendo DS

Posted in Nintendo DS, Games by Andrew Macarthy on August 2nd, 2007 at 14:19

Despite its enormous success the Nintendo DS is a little short of top racing titles, something Lexicon Entertainment hopes to change in the near future with the release of Rapid Racoon for the dual-screened handheld.

The title is described as a "thrilling, fast paced and richly detailed racing game," which, like Wipeout and F-Zero features a series of anti-gravity craft with different skills, speed and handling. Only three ships are available to begin with, but by winning the three championships and completing the game on both normal and hard difficulties, you'll gain access to a handful more.

Like the aforementioned Wipeout, F-Zero and so many other racers, races will be spiced up with a selection of weapons that'll randomly appear along the track. They include the likes of missiles, mines, speedups, bombs and magnets.

The space/sci fi-themed tracks include visits to 3 universes –

  • UndaCity: based on an industrial environment: factory, dark and dirt…)
  • Neo terra: cliff, trees, water…)
  • The Frontier: space station, meteor…)

Features include:

  • 3 modes, easy/normal/hard
  • Cutting edge graphical presentation through creation of an
  • exceptional 3D engine and the best use of the NDS capabilities
  • Network play
  • Simply, effective controls
  • Ingenious AI
  • Each team has a mascot, and one of them will be the Racoon…

It certainly doesn't sound like the most original concept, but if it offers an engaging experience and real sense of speed, we'll quite look forward to it.