Sunday, August 5, 2007

UNVEILED: LG releases LG-KC1 Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone with WiBro

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LG just released the LG-KC1, a Windows Mobile 5.0 (unfortunately) only Pocket PC Phone Edition which is equipped with WiBro (Wireless Broadband -  which is quite popular in South Korea). Running a Marvell Monahans CPU at amazing 806 MHz, the KC1 features 512 MB NAND Flash ROM and 128 MB SDRAM. Furthermore the device sports CDMA EVDO for voice and data, Mobile WiMAX (WiBro) for even faster mobile data, T-DMB for mobile TV, Bluetooth and a 2.8" QVGA screen. all this measures 60 x 120 x 16.9 mm only at a weight of 160 grams:

Unfortunately we will never see (most likely) this device anywhere outside South Korea but it's interesting to follow what LG is releasing in the home market since this is a good indication what we might can expect later as well.