Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Asus Unleashes it's Wood: Bamboo Computers at CeBit

The Asus EcoBook was the first computer concept I'd ever seen clad in bamboo. But since then, the idea has looked like it might take off. The highly treated bamboo is non-flammable, lightweight, and, unlike every other computer out there, not made from petrochemicals.

Unfortunately, there have been some questions raised recently about whether bamboo is indeed greener than plastic. But there's no doubt that, just by virtue of it's natural look, it appears green. The good news is that Asus is looking at more than just its materials when trying to green its products. The innards of their new computers are labeled for easy repair and recycling and they're some of the first laptops that are truly upgradeable, instead of being semi-solid slabs that are all-but-impossible to upgrade and self-repair.

But the bamboo, it seems, is pretty much a symbolic statement. Though, I have to admit, it's a nice one.

Via Engadget