Monday, March 10, 2008

Nintendo says no to DS Holocaust game

Nintendo has refuted claims that a game dealing with the Holocaust will be released in America or Europe for the DS, the New York Times is reporting.
The game, named Imagination is the Only Escape, is currently being developed by British WiiWare developer Luc Bernard. Players take control of a French Jewish boy who escapes the atrocities of the Nazi occupation by escaping into a fantasy world.

As you can see from the screenshots we posted last month, the game is full of historical facts that attempt to convey the trauma of living through the period.

In an exclusive interview with CVG over the weekend, Luc Bernard expressed his concerns about producing a game delving into such serious subject matter.

"However, to bring the message of the game out, it needs to be perfect. If it isn't, the press will destroy it completely." Unfortunately, it seems like it might not even get to the press at all.

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