Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AMD spreads the Phenom Charisma

A processor is the key component of a desktop PC or a notebook because a
processor carries out the actual processing. A desktop or a notebook's quality
is always measured in terms of its processor. There are numerous high speed
processors in the market. Generally processors are offered by Intel and
A new origin however in the processor designing market is
Nvidia. Recently, Phenom 4 series processors are launched in the market
by AMD
. Lets detail this feature an AMD oriemtations. They are:

· Phenom X4 9950 Black

· Phenom X4 9350e

· Phenom X4

Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition:

Phenom X4 9950 is an efficient processor of Phenom series, which uses a
65-nanometer process. The 65-nm Phenom X4 9950 provides a 4 percent
speed increase as compared to its previous version of processors. It uses a
2.6GHz processor with frequency up to 1.6GHz. the processor supports for
unregistered DIMMs memory.
An exclusive feature of the processor
is that the processor can show bandwidth up to 33.1
we can see the processor is running at a core voltage of
1.296 Volts. The processor offers Dual Dynamic Power Management
technology. X4- 9950 chip is 100MHz faster than the previous 9850
So we can say that AMD has designed a powerful processor
for it's users. A user can own this processor just by paying about

Phenom X4 9350e:

This is another new processor from AMD. This processor has its own features
which are different from Phenom X4 9350e. This processor 2.0 GHz
processor that is compatible with frequency 1.6GHz. X4 9350 supports three
different cache sizes L1,L2 and L3 which enhance the performance of the
Main feature of the processor is its low power
consumption. The reason for its lesser power consumption as compared to other
processors is its thermal design power. Users can get this processor
by paying $195.

Phenom X4 9150e:

There is one more processor in Phenom X4 series. This processor
1.8 GHz processor that is compatible with frequency 1.6GHz which supports
unregistered DIMMs memory synchronization.
The processor uses
Silicon on Insulator (SOI) technology. Integrated 128-bit wide
memory controller of the processor is capable of being configured
for dual 64-bit channels for simultaneous read/writes.
The price
of the processor is very nominal as compare to its features. A user
can get his processor in $175.

In crux, we can say that AMD
processors are always be compared with its Opponent Intel core processor and if
AMD wants to make its place in the processor market, it has to design very
efficient processors like Phenom X4 series. AMD has fixed a very low price range
for it's X4series processors. This would definitely act as a plus point towards

In our next feature we shall draw highlights on Intel orientations and
consequently comparison charts on efficiency. Till then stay tuned