Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nokia to use Microsoft Zune software for iPhone battle

It seems that Microsoft has to team up with Nokia to try and take the fight to Apple with their iPhone. As we know Nokia is losing the battle when it comes to sales of handsets against the iPhone, the reason behind this is how good the software is on the all in one handset.

One of the greatest features of the iPhone is how you are able to use iTunes to access your music on the phone like an iPod. It is that feature where Nokia does not have an answer for.

Well there might be some hope for the phone maker, as they are getting together with Microsoft to integrate the Zune software on to Nokia phones. This news has come as a bit of a shock, considering Nokia support every operating system except Windows.

Microsoft knows that they are taking a beating from Apple, which is why they have to support more than one platform now.

Many had expected Microsoft to launch their own phone to rival Apple’s iPhone, but it does make sense to partner Nokia who is the largest cell phone provider in the world.

So could Nokia and Zune be enough to kick the iPhone of its throne?


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