Friday, August 1, 2008

Asus Announces Two More Atom-powered Subnotebooks

Asus knows its subnotebooks are fashionable, and the company's preparing to offer two new models of its popular Eee PC lineup.

Set for a 2008 release, the two new models, Ultimate and Pro Fashion,
will feature dual-core Intel Atom processors and expanded storage
capacities. Asus president Jerry Shen told Digitimes that one of the
models (it's unclear which) will have a four-to-five hour battery life
and include a 10.1-inch, 32GB solid state driven and a widescreen LED
backlit panel. This model, estimated to cost between $700 and $900, is expected to arrive September.

The Ultimate and Pro Fashion will be Asus's fourth and fifth
subnotebook models featuring Inte's power-efficient Atom processors designed specially for smaller devices.
The Eee PC 901 introduced in June 2008 was Asus's first notebook to use this

Asustek preps launch of Ultimate and Pro Fashion Eee PCs; prices to hit US$700 or more [Digitimes] (Thanks, Dylan!)

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