Thursday, August 7, 2008

Asus Eee Stick: How Nintendo Wii Remote should look

When I first laid eyes on the Asus Eee Stick I thought it was a couple of new controllers for the Nintendo Wii. Ok so I am a little dumb, but I bet I was not the only one who thought it.

The name that Asus has chosen "Eee Stick" is a strange one as they are a couple of sticks that are mated to a wireless receiver. So what is the Eee Stick I hear you ask, well they are basically a gamepad that has been split in half. This is something that Sony had hoped to launch at some stage.

The Eee Stick has motion sensing technology like the Wii Remote; I bet Nintendo wish that they had designed theirs to look as sleek as these. Asus has said that tailored games that require the Eee Stick will come bundled in the controllers.

As yet there is no idea when the Eee Stick will be released, but Asus reps have hinted that the UK could see them sometime in September.

Asus will make an announcement in the next few weeks.

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