Thursday, August 7, 2008

Asus confirms Wii-style Eee Stick controllers

Asus has confirmed that it will launch its own Nintendo Wii-style gaming controllers, and ship them with some models in its Eee PC line.

Called the Eee Stick, the product is actually a pair of wireless controllers that use motion sensors so people can bowl, slash swords and play other games on an Eee PC or any other PC. One handheld device is an 'activation stick' featuring seven buttons, while the other is a 'navigation stick' with a thumb-operating joystick.

Both offer vibration feedback and connect to PCs over a distance of up to 10 metres. They provide 'up to' 72 hours of continuous play on two AA batteries per stick, according to Asus.

When Asus announced the Eee Stick earlier this year, rumours suggested the device would become available in mid-August. However, no details of a UK release date have been confirmed as yet.

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