Thursday, August 7, 2008

GTA for Nintendo DS - rumoured new features

GTA Chinatown Wars was the only real surprise to come from Nintendo at this year's E3. No further details were given about this GTA spin-off, which should be out exclusively on the Nintendo DS. The most asked question in the handheld gaming universe at the moment though is: how will this Rockstar game fare technically on the DS touchscreen? This heated discussion still divides gamers. The first details about GTA Chinatown War's content seem to be trickling through.

Rockstar did not give up this information too willingly though. According to the online portal Game|Life, the gamer blog "URO" carried out a survey titled "GTA Chinatown Wars details revealed" about the new "GTA to go". New features were revealed in this survey, and then the article suddenly disappeared. Now there is just an empty page in its place. This hasn't stopped details about this new feature spreading like wildfire through the internet.

The first piece of news was related to the open world aspect of the game. Besides the huge world waiting to be explored there are reportedly also brusque changes in the weather conditions. The streets should be as bustling as ever, and the police as on hand as usual in GTA Chinatown Wars trying to maintain law and order on the streets. The story should be quite similar to that in GTA San Andreas. The reports state that in this Nintendo DS version the player is a small time criminal who finds himself in the middle of a bloody internal gang war. The URO game blog stated that GTA Chinatown Wars will include more than 70 missions and a playing time of at least 20 hours. For the first time in GTA history, players will also be able to start missions which have already been completed again, giving the game added playability.

As seen in extracts of the URO article, this game is true to old school GTA. Amongst other missions players will find the classics such as auto theft and eradicating people through snipers. The multiplayer aspect of the game hasn't been forgotten either. Thanks to WiFi handheld gamers can play with or against others in up to four different modes. This includes a racing mode with seven different tracks. The game should also feature a co-op mode. We will only find out if all of this is true or just speculation when GTA Chinatown Wars reached the shops. Rockstar Games' developers are keeping a tight lid on the details for the moment. As of yet there is no official release date for the Nintendo GTA.

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