Thursday, August 7, 2008

Project Beauty coming to Nintendo DS

Project Beauty coming to Nintendo DS

Videogame Company Sega is collaborating with cosmetics giant Shiseido to launch a new title for the Nintendo DS gaming console.

This gaming application has been named Project Beauty and it would go on sale later this year.

The application would require a scanning device which feeds in user photos to the game. The game then analyses the shape and position of the eyes, lips and other parts.

The application would ship with the scanning device and the package would retail for 6,090 yen.

After scanning the application would show two images on the screen. One without makeup and the other one with the proposed makeup.

Sega spokeswoman Rei Sugiyama spoke about this new title for the Nintendo DS: "The same user can have a variety of make-up tips for different occasions such as business, dating or formal gatherings. You would find colors that are good on you but you never realized before. The new software targets women in their 20s and 30s including children, elderly people and women who were not considered core game players."

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