Friday, August 1, 2008

Hall of Famer Jim Brown sues Sony, Electronic Arts

NEW YORK (AP) — NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown
has filed a lawsuit in New York claiming Sony and video game maker
Electronic Arts are using his name and likeness without his permission.

The former Cleveland Browns star's lawsuit said
the companies sell a game featuring a character who looks like him and
wears his No. 32. It doesn't specify which video game, but notes the
character is part of the game's All Brown's Team.

Brown seeks unspecified damages and an
injunction barring the companies from "taking a free ride on the trade
value" of the former running back's name and image.

The 72-year-old played nine seasons with the
Browns, before turning to Hollywood where he appeared in "The Dirty
Dozen" and other movies.

Spokesmen for Sony USA Inc. and Electronics Arts Inc. did not return calls seeking comment.

The Associated Press

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