Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nokia now offers Ramadan-related software and services for download

Nokia is getting up and close with Ramadan-related mobile
software. The Finnish company had released the N73 Ramadan Special
Edition last year. The application was an instant hit and the company
advances a step ahead extending the reach of the Ramadan app to all
Muslims who use other Nokia phones too.

Nokia has launched Nokia Ramadan Microsite that will make available
an entire collection of free software and Ramadan-related services.
These services will be downloadable worldwide and will be pre-loaded on
a number of handsets in the Middle East. Along with the new N78
throughout August, the N70 Music Edition, E51, 3120 Classic, 6500
Slide, 6300 and 2630 can also avail of pre-loaded Ramadan apps.
Additionally the N95 and N82 along with eight other devices can also
download the application.

Available for download are the some of the following apps:-

  • Hajj & Umrah- You can visit the most famous places on the way.
    This is a mobile guide for both journeys with multimedia content.

  • Ramadaniat- comprises a large collection of useful information
    concerning fasting, Zakah Al-Fitr, the benefits of Laylat Al-Qadr and
    the I’tekaf.

  • Emsakya- alerts followers with times for the daily prayer, Suhour and Iftar during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

  • Quran- With a multi-lingual interface, it is in Othmani font. It also has the ability to search and bookmark any Ayah or Surah.

  • Mozzaker- a large collection of daily Azkar.

  • Cards- allows you to create Mobile Greeting Cards that can be sent to family and friends via SMS or MMS.

  • In addition, the application lets you customise your handset with ringtones and wallpaper.

    The application is completely free of cost and can be downloaded from the Nokia website.

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