Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sony PlayTV to be burdened by DRM

The PlayTV might be slightly delayed, but it’ll be cheaper than we thought, and pack HD tuners. Good news, right? Wrong. Sony’s decided to shove cumbersome DRM into the mix at the last minute, meaning shows can’t be transferred, and are tethered to one PS3.

When PlayTV was first announced, it was specifically stated by Sony that telly fans would be able to offload recorded shows, transferring them to a memory stick, flash drive or hard disk for playback elsewhere. It was even suggested you’d be able to load up the PSP with programmes to watch on the move.

Now, however, we hear reports that DRM will stop all that joyful square-eyed openness. What’s more, despite being ready to receive HD broadcasts from day one, Sony’s telly box won’t be able to record them.

Sounding less appealing by the minute, isn’t it?

Out September 19 | £70 | Sony (via Eurogamer)

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