Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thai Ministry of Health's 10 most dangerous video games (yeah, you read that right)

No, these games are not booby trapped nor do they contain anthrax powder. These are the games which the Thai Ministry of Health have put on their watch list. Yes, the MINISTRY OF HEALTH and not the ICT Ministry! They include:

1- GTA

2- Man Hunt

3- Scarface

4- 50 Cent - Bulletproof

5- 300

6- The Godfather

7- Killer 7

8- Resident Evil 4

9- God of War

10- Hitman

So, the gist of the story is that a "good boy" up and kills a taxi driver for his money. He tells police that he wanted the money to go out (probably partying at night). Anyway, it turns out that this kid likes to play GTA and his parents, who are conveniently not always around have concluded that it must be the game's influence that cause their good boy to go astray.

I know, you must be thinking "same poopoo, different country". I couldn't agree more! People tend to find different things to blame for things that go wrong in their lives. This country is no exception. Crimes were blamed on TV, movies, and now games. They target violence in these medias as the root of all that is wrong when a kid decides to go postal. Hmm, anyone who walks past a newsstand can tell you what you see on the front page of the Thai Rath is much more graphical than the worst of these games and movies.

Since they're bothering to make a list, don't forget to include Temple Fair favorites like Whack a Mole that promotes animal cruelty, bumper cars for encouraging bad driving habits, shooting the water gun into the clown's mouth which teaches you to use guns, an a plethora of other "violent" carnival games. Sheesh! Like those idiots who spill HOT coffee on themselves and sue the store or smoke so much that they develop a terminal disease and decide to sue the tobacco companies. Be accountable for your own actions people.

Come on parents. Get your asses up from the front of that TV set and turn of those channel seven soaps! Take some interest in your children and what they do. You turn a blind eye when you need to be involved and then look for something or someone to blame when something goes wrong.

Anyway, here is the link to the MOPH's website and their original press release (in Thai).

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