Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ASUS Eee Top

A Simple Touch to Computing with "ASUS Eee Top"

Advanced Technology from Eee Family

ASUS Eee Top, all-in-one touchscreen computer, is equipped with 15.6-inche LCD screen for easy and convenient manipulation. Simplicity of use; Eee Memo enables users to write messages for their family members on desktop 'stickies' with just their fingers. SoftStylus allows them to input text without requiring a physical keyboard. Surfing the Internet is also possible without a mouse, thanks to Opera Touch, a rich-featured web browser enhanced for touchscreen use that supports drag-and-drop functions.

"ASUS Eee Top" features with Windows XP, Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity for speedy and reliable Internet access, the integrated Hi-Fi speakers & SRS TruSurround HD technology, the integrated 1.3 megapixel web camera, and microphone array for convenient web conferencing. 

"ASUS Eee Top" is compact and optimized product design which can be placed virtually anywhere in a house, office or commercial space. ASUS Eee Top is fully-capable entertainment centers and bolstered by Eee Splendid Video Intelligence Technology that ensures the Eee Top's display remains vivid and clear. In addition, ASUS Tranquiller Technology—that utilizes an optimized blend of astute air flow design, quiet fans and unique heat dissipation materials to ensure that the system stays cool while operating at an extremely quiet 26 dB***. "ASUS Eee Top" is available for sales in the mid of December 2008 at Bt19,900(Excluding 7% VAT)  

Source : http://www.nationmultimedia.com/