Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nokia phones with image of Stalin go on sale in Moscow

On the off chance that you’d want to see an image of Joseph Stalin on your next Nokia phone upon purchase, know that such handsets are available for purchase right now in Moscow, Russia. These cost anywhere between $30 to $2,000 USD, though it wasn’t specified what difference lied in the handsets across the price range.

Actually, what models the handsets are isn’t clear. What’s clear, though, is that Nokia doesn’t want to take part in any of this, and in a statement a Nokia official disassociated his company from this controversy.

Nokia even went as far as warning consumers against buying the Stalin-themed phones, saying:

“Even if Nokia was on the brink of ruin and release phones or panel with a portrait of Stalin was the only chance to save our business, Nokia will [not do] that.”

Such phones do not have a certificate of the company and, therefore, are not eligible for warranty repair. Hope that serves as enough warning to those who’ve known about these and were planning to purchase one of their own.