Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Photos Emerge of 12-Inch Asus S121

At what point does Asus push its S100 series Eee PC out of the netbook nest and into the land of laptops? Probably never, but if the company's Eee PCs grow any larger than the newly spied S121, it might be difficult to consider it a true netbook, even if it does sport an Atom processor inside.

Pictures of the yet-to-be announced S121 have emerged on the web, and according to, the new model will check in at 12.1 inches. That's almost two inches larger than the 10.2-inch Eee PC S101. Other details on how the new model will differ from it's predecessor are not yet known, nor is any pricing or availability information. But it's not a total wash; there are plenty of pictures to ogle at, and we'd wager our Voodoo 5 6000 graphics card (if we had one) that it will come with an Intel Atom N270 processor.

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