Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mac OSX Native Giga File Player

Soundlib's new G-Player is a Mac OSX native Giga file player designed to play the large banks that require disk streaming. The company say that G-Player allows you to quickly modify some program parameters (ADSR, VCA, VCF...) without having to edit and save the giga file. G-Player works on Mac OSX as an AudioUnit plugin, VST plugin and standalone application.
Here's all the details from Soundlib...

Play your Giga files with this first native Giga player for Mac OSX. G-Player was designed to play the large orchestral sound libraries and supports disk streaming, dimensions, keyswitches and layered instruments.

No conversion required
Save time and disk space, G-Player plays directly all your Giga sound libraries without any conversion. Complex features such as dimensions, keyswitches and layered instruments are natively supported.

Disk Streaming
Only the initial portion of each sample is loaded into the computer's memory, while the rest of the sample is streamed from the hard disk. This allows you to play instruments that are larger than the available memory.

Easy Parameter Editing
The most commonly used sample parameters are directly accessible on the main window. For example, you can decrease or increase the release time of all the samples with just one knob.

G-Player is available for Mac OS X as an Audio Unit and a VST plugin. It is also available as a multi-instrument standalone application.

24-bit Support
G-Player can play and stream 24-bit sample libraries and uses a 32-bit floating point audio engine.

Memory Management
To reduce memory usage, all instances of G-Player will share the allocated resources and samples. If two G-Player instances use the same sample, it will only be loaded once.

Multi-Layer crossfade
G-Player can play layered instruments with up to 8 layers of crossfade. Each layer's crossfade is defined by 4 points which precisely determine the fade in and fade out segments.
This feature is used by the most prestigious Giga sound libraries and is natively supported by G-Player.

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