Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Published Date: 17 March 2009
JUST under half a million pounds has been spent on changing the government's IT system from Windows XP to Vista.
David Callister MLC queried in Tynwald today (Tuesday) why the decision had been taken to transfer from to Vista, which he said had proven to be the most 'universally reviled' product that Microsoft had ever produced.

He pointed out thousands had contributed to website forums entitled 'I hate Vista', 'Vista is c***' and 'Don't Buy Vista'.

'That's the extent to which Vista is reviled,' he said.

Chief Minister Tony Brown said the cost of transfer had been £492,000.

He said Treasury had approved the plan to upgrade to Windows Vista in October 2007 because the old system was no longer IT-supported.

'I am advised that the reason for the change was that the version of Windows used by government, known as Windows XP service pack 1, was no longer in support, and therefore Treasury through their Information Systems Division commenced planning to upgrade to Windows Vista as a supported system,' he said.

Mr Brown said the new system was currently being rolled out and the general view was that it was working well.

Juan Watterson (Rushen) said the government only went over to Windows XP in 2004 and questioned how long it would be before the replacement system was no longer supported. Mr Brown replied that was an impossible question to answer.

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To say Vista is rubbish is stupid. Some people like it, some people hate it. It's just their opinion. However, to say Windows XP is no longer supported to justify spending half-a-million quid IS deception. Note: Adding the letters 'SP1' means the claim isn't technically a lie because XP is now at SP3 (the technicalities of SP1 vs SP2 vs SP3 are irrelevant to this discussion). But Windows XP IS supported by Microsoft. I doubt the Politician is at fault - his advisors have simply "misled" him. Oops.

The old operating system of Windows XP service pack 1 may no longer be supported but service pack 3 which is still supported would have cost a lot less to install. In fact, if the government PCs had been set up to accept automatic Windows updates, they would have been kept up to date with a supported system automatically. Microsoft are due to release another new operating system next year so is the Government thinking of upgrading then?

Government waste again. What are they going to do when Windows 7 is rolled out in the near future? Will that be another £500k on top of this. This administration has to be the worst executive the island has seen. Regards,