Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hackers target Apple’s iPhone and iMac

Security specialists say Apple’s iPhone and Macintosh ranges are being
increasingly targeted by hackers as their popularity explodes.

Hackers have traditionally focused on computers using Windows systems because
of the huge market share commanded by Microsoft products.

But the underground hacker convention DefCon gathering of hackers in Las
Vegas heard that the growing popularity of hot gadgets such as the iPhone and
the iMac have made hackers more interested in messing with Apple goods.

Security analyst Cameron Hotchkies, from the Zero Day Initiative, told
news.com.au that he has recently seen a spike in the number of hackers “reverse
engineering” Apple products to find flaws.

It took about a month for someone to hack a first-generation iPhone after its
release, but an iPhone 3G was cracked within hours of its release on 11

"It shows people are getting proficient at analysing Apple software,"
Hotchkies told news.com.au.

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From : http://www.smartcompany.com.au/