Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MacRaider, Kerrie Reay Passes Away

Many a Macintosh owner playing a game from the Tomb Raider series has
found themselves stuck at one particular place or another in the games. Their
next step was probably to head over to the MacRaider website, an
impressive repository of detailed walk-throughs, tips and tricks, and other
resources for Macintosh Tomb Raider players. The site's founder and proprietor,
Kerrie Reay, saved many a frustrated player, and probably a few mice and
controllers in the process.

Unfortunately, Inside Mac Games has received word that Kerrie Reay has passed
away. Her daugher, Ceinwen Price, forwarded this note:

Unfortunately, Kerrie has passed away. She had been sick for a few
weeks with a couple of viral infections, and it seems that there may have been
more to her illness than she realised. The coroner thinks that she had a heart
attack and died very quickly and peacefully.

[...]I am not sure what will become of MacRaider the website[...]

Kind Regards,
Ceinwen Price

We here at Inside Mac Games
extend our deepest condolences to Ceinwen and the rest of Kerrie's family and

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